「Playmountain EAST #05 Go Koyama Solo Exhibition」-Opening Reception-

Playmountain EAST #05
Go Koyama Solo Exhibition

September 29 - October 22 2017
11am - 5pm Tue-Thu, Sun
11am - 6pm Fri, Sat
Close on Mon

Opening Preview
September 29 Fri 5pm - 8pm

Go Koyama Biography

Go Koyama was born in Nigata, Japan. His father practiced carpentering which influenced him to become a sculptor. Koyama apprenticed with Shinichiro Tani in 2004 and became independent in 2010. He works with black persimmon, chestnut, cherry, and zelkova wood to create sculptural objects, which are sometimes finished with oil, lacquer, wax, and glass paint. His work evokes harmony, peace, beauty, and a sense of touch. In his creative process, Koyama has conversations with the woods. It is important for him to celebrate the life of the tree as he imbues into it, another life. Although growth rings, imperfections, and wormholes are generally considered defects of wood,Koyama sees them as authentic characteristics. This makes each of his sculpture unique in it’s own way. Koyama’s sculptural objects exist in our living space as both practicalobjects and animated objects. His wood works merely live with us in a space. Koyama has had numerous exhibitions in Japan ! and China. Henow lives and works in Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture.
Fri Sep 29, 2017
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM PDT
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